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Bleach Icons

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Welcome to bleach_icons, the community for posting icons based on Kubo Tite's manga Bleach and other works. This has been open for quite a long time now. o_0 The mod is yachiru. Feel free to join and post but please read the rules below before posting any icons. Thanks!

  • You have to be a member to post.
  • The icon must adhere to lj size standards or you have to include in your post that it doesn't
    examples; an animated icon that is over 40k
  • If you post more than four icons use an lj cut
  • While this is a Bleach community Zombie Powder and other Tite works will also be accepted. Please do NOT post any previews that are not related to Kubo Tite. Do not post icons here that are not related to Kubo Tite. You can mention the other series you may have posted in the same post but please limit the images to Bleach, Zombie Powder, or any other Kubo Tite manga.
  • Constructive criticism is nice but please no bashing/insulting. Anonymous posting/commenting has been disabled.
  • Yaoi/nudity/profanity is accepted provided it is put under the cut and you let users know what it is.
  • Do not include spoiler icons in your preview images, do notify users if you are including spoiler images.
  • Icon requests are allowed but only icon requests. No other graphic requests. This is an icon community.
  • Please post icons and only icons. The community was created to share BLEACH and other Kubo icons. kurosaki_clinic and all_for_bleach allow for posting of misc art such as wallpaper, colorbars, moodthemes, etc.


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1. What is credit and how do I do it?

Credit is given when you upload the icon and use it. This is where you give the icon maker credit for making the particular icon. You give credit so that if someone really likes the icon you are using they can see who made it. Usually you will want to comment to the icon makers post to let them know that you like the work. You can find out how here;

2. If the icon maker says they don't want credit do I still have to?

No. I make it a practice to credit anyway but if they don't want it, you don't have to.

3. Where do I find out about Bleach?

soul_society has a lot of info on the manga and you can ask questions over at bleach_fact.

4. How do I credit fan art?

If you use someone's fanart or art I encourage you to credit in your icon post. This community will not monitor your use of fanart but it's polite to ask the person if you can use their fanart (at least try to email artists, many of the Japanese artists do actually speak english and will appreciate the email). To credit an artist simply mention their name and website/lj if they have one.

5. Affiliate with me?

Since this community is fairly large I don't usually look for affiliates. But if you have a bleach or icon related community you'd like to affiliate with bleach_icons you can email me here. Please include your username and the name of the community. ^^

profile layout code and community layout code modified from novalessreversescollide</a> and xaddictionsx. Thanks!